Live with Noor’s Knits

I had the pleasure and honor of being asked to join Noorain from Noor’s Knits on a live chat about crochet and being a maker mom! Of course I am going to jump on that opportunity! Noorain and I have a lot in common and I knew it would be a ton of fun to talk with her. We both enjoy making and designing for children, both are mothers to some adorable little preschoolers and we both are blogging about crochet!

I will admit I was a little nervous about going live. I haven’t done many lives and this was my first one in an interview style and with someone else! Noorain is a total rockstar though and made it an easy and super laid back experience. I loved hearing about some of her maker journey and got to share about mine and we had the opportunity to answer some questions from other makers and mamas!

If you want to check out that live you can catch it on Noor’s Knits Facebook page were it has been saved for replay. You can go directly to the video by clicking here.

Noorain is a great voice in the crochet community, open and honest she shares about being a mother and a maker on her blog. She has some adorable patterns and other maker interviews you can check out. I encourage you to follow along with her on social media and join her in some of the amazing things she’s doing.

She currently has a hashtag challenge that anyone can join in on! Use the hashtag #makefoyoself when sharing about projects you are doing for YOURSELF! We as makers spend a lot of time making for others, whether that’s to sell, or for gifts, maybe for charity or any of the number of ways that crochet goes out into the world. It’s good to take a break from that once in awhile and make something you love for yourself and you should totally share that with everyone else and use that hashtag to share your makes!

Here’s some links to find Noorain around the internet.
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